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8th March 2017

Jobs, Income Security and Rising Costs of Living

There’s no question cost of living pressures are taking their toll on households and families in Victoria. Whether it’s energy bills, transport or health costs, the rising cost of living is putting pressure on households and families.

I’m greatly concerned at the impact rising cost of living pressures are having on family and household budgets, and have spoken at length on the issue both inside and outside of the Parliament.

Unfortunately it’s not surprising given the Andrews Labor Government has increased or introduced, 12 state taxes since being elected at the end of 2014. Here’s just a few of these state tax changes that have directly increased our cost of living:

  1. State taxes on brown coal were tripled, directly increasing electricity bills;
  2. A new state tax on Uber and taxi fares was introduced, directly increasing travel costs;
  3. Stamp duty on new cars was increased, directly increasing the cost of buying another car;
  4. The fire services property levy which is charged on council rate notices was increased, directly reducing housing affordability;
  5. A new stamp duty on off-the-plan purchasers was introduced, directly reducing housing affordability, and
  6. Annual property valuations were introduced to increase land tax, directly increasing the cost of basic goods and services and reducing housing affordability.

I’ll continue to speak out against these state tax changes that are directly contributing to rising costs of living for residents. You can provide me with any feedback on these, or other pressures impacting the household budget, at this website or at

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