Waverley Stripped of Police

July 20th, 2010 posted by

Last week’s confirmation that police are being stripped from suburban police stations to cover severe police shortages in Melbourne, is further evidence Waverley and Victoria do not have enough police to undertake even basic policing duties.

The Police Association of Victoria estimates Monash needs 111 more officers, whilst Chief Commissioner Overland now concedes he must strip suburban stations of police resources to undertake basic policing in the city.

Even more concerning is the fact that police now concede there are days when Mt Waverley police station is unable to open as scheduled, and local patrols in Monash are canceled, as there’s simply not enough officers to put some scheduled patrols on the road.

Policing is a basic responsibility of state government, and after 11 years in government, it’s simply not good enough public safety is being put at risk by Brumby Government police cuts. As a local resident, I believe Brumby Government Minister and Waverley MP Maxine Morand should have stood up against these cuts.
Strong and visible proactive policing is not an optional extra in Waverley, it’s a right. A right I will always stand up for.

Michael Gidley

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