Waverley schools big winners under a State Liberal Government

October 28th, 2010 posted by

Education in Waverley is set to receive a major boost under a State Liberal Government.

Under plans announced today, Mount Waverley North Primary School will receive $1,000,000 to upgrade existing
buildings providing improved teaching rooms, sick bay, toilets, an assembly hall and meeting space.

Ironically these upgrade plans were initially costed within the grant from the Federal Government’s BER program,
however due to increases in building costs associated with the release of all the school upgrade works across the
state, the school had to cut back the building program – dropping key building renovations.

“Today’s announcement of a $1,000,000 upgrade for Mount Waverley North Primary under a State Liberal
Government will enable long, overdue improvements to student learning facilities. However it’s clear if the Brumby
Government hadn’t wasted billions of dollars mismanaging the BER process, school upgrades like Mount Waverley
North Primary could have been completed within budget, as most have within the non-government sector,” said Mr

Today’s Waverley education announcement also provides for $4,500,000 to undertake a major redevelopment of
Pinewood Primary School. The redevelopment will include new classrooms, toilets, first aid facilities, student
withdrawal teaching facilities, storeroom, staff room and school entrance reception.

Mr Gidley said the day was a historic day for Pinewood Primary School.

“For years Pinewood Primary has worked hard trying to obtain funding from the Brumby Government for a
desperately needed redevelopment, without any success. As a result, the school community has had to put up with
leaking roofs, mould and completely inadequate teaching facilities. A State Liberal Government will end this neglect
by providing $4,500,000 to undertake this major rebuild,” said Mr Gidley.

Today’s announcement is a reminder of what education upgrades could have been provided to Waverley residents
if the Brumby Government hadn’t wasted $1,500,000,000 on a ticketing system that still doesn’t work.

“These much needed education upgrades could have taken place years ago if the Brumby Government hadn’t
flushed so much money down the drain on failed projects like Myki. I’m determined to gain value for every cent of
taxpayers money spent, to ensure we can return savings to frontline services such as education whilst reducing
record high state taxes,” said Mr Gidley.

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