Waverley Leader: Labor doubts Monash Lib train pledge on safety

June 24th, 2010 posted by


MONASH’S Glen Waverley line railway stations will be staffed by security from first until last service, under an ambitious Liberal Party election promise.

But sitting Mt Waverley state Labor MP Maxine Morand has dismissed the Liberals’ Transport Safety Plan, saying the party’s promises could not be trusted.

Mt Waverley state Liberal candidate Michael Gidley said that, if elected, he would ensure the rollout of extra security services at the line’s Glen Waverley, Syndal, Mt Waverley and Jordanville stations.

He said the plan would deliver to the Glen Waverley line trained, armed officers at each station from first until last service every day of the year, Protective Service Officers (PSOs) to help existing customer service staff at Glen Waverley and Mt Waverley stations and 100 additional transit police.

“The reason for the local policy is that we feel we have a safety and security issue on public transport and we feel violent crime in particular is spiralling out of control,” Mr Gidley said.

But Ms Morand said residents should not believe the Liberal promises when they had cut police services under the Kennett government.

“When they were last in government they promised an increase of an extra 1000 police but actually reduced the force by 800 — that’s a fact,” Ms Morand said.

“The second thing is, they voted against legislation we introduced in October last year that would have removed the cap on PSOs yet they are promising more.”

Under the Police Regulations Bill, the number of PSOs cannot exceed 150.

Mr Gidley defended his party’s policy, saying he understood the figures sounded “ambitious” but statistics showed violent crime was “out of control … I can understand the scepticism particularly when people have been promised so much from the current government in the past 10 years and received so little”.


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