Victorian school buses to be fitted with seatbelts

July 18th, 2013 posted by

New and replacement dedicated school buses will be fitted with seatbelts as part of a series of initiatives by the Victorian Coalition Government to improve the safety of school children.

Following investigations which found that students were at most risk when getting on and off buses and around buses, a number of key improvements have already been made including the installation of safety fences and student marshaling areas around school bus pick-up and drop-off points.

An education campaign, Stay Safe Around the Bus Stop, has also been implemented to prevent accidents near school buses.

Further work is being undertaken by the Victorian Coalition Government and Public Transport Victoria to consider further safety improvements, such as the requirement for children under seven years of age to use a booster seat and how this may be addressed.


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    • B Hooton commented July 20, 2013

      At the rate suggested by this government, there will still be a very high number of “school buses” without seat belts being used for transporting children for many years. These buses will also be degrading, from many years of use, increasing the likely hood of an accident which will kill, or cause severe injury, to the young passengers. Injuries which could be avoided by fitting seat belts!
      A faster and greater effort needs to