Switch On and take care of your power bill

August 8th, 2012 posted by

Just last week the Victorian Coalition Government launched a new campaign to help Victorian households take charge of their power bills and ease cost of living pressures.

The Switch On campaign features practical information to help Victorians manage rising energy bills as cost of living pressures increase. Easing the pressure off the cost of living is a key priority of the Coalition Government.

The Switch On campaign is designed to give households information and practical tools to help them manage their consumption and bills with advice on energy efficiency, shopping around for the best retail deal and how to access Coalition Government initiatives.

The website is interactive with a range of features such as energy saving tips, advice for finding the best energy retailer, information on why and how energy bills can change over time and a range of tools, like an energy calculator and an interactive energy efficient house.

The Switch On campaign will help people take better control of their energy usage and also drive further competition in the market place whilst relieving the stress of increased energy prices.

The website directs consumers to details on other Coalition Government cost of living and energy efficiency initiatives, like the Energy Saver Incentive Scheme, which provides discounts on energy efficient products. The site will also raise awareness of the Government’s energy retailer price comparator website, YourChoice.

For more information on the Switch On campaign visit the website www.switchon.vic.gov.au

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