Supporting Monash medical staff to treat drug and alcohol-affected patients

April 11th, 2013 posted by

The Monash Medical Centre emergency department will receive an additional $500,000 from the Victorian Coalition Government to help it better respond to drug and alcohol-affected patients.

The funding will enable the employment of additional specialist staff and is being allocated to provide emergency departments with more support to identify, manage and treat people who are intoxicated and drug-affected.

Drug and alcohol-affected patients present serious challenges to emergency departments, in particular those who are under the influence of some illegal substances such as ‘ice’, which has been associated with an increased risk of violent and unpredictable behavior.

The funding is part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s Reducing the alcohol and drug toll: Victoria’s plan 2013-2017 and aims to achieve a long-term decrease in the number of people with drug and alcohol issues being admitted to emergency departments, such as the emergency department at the Monash Medical Centre.

For further information about Reducing the alcohol and drug toll: Victoria’s plan 2013-2017, visit

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    • D. Atkinson commented April 11, 2013

      Michael, how many staff are there at present and exactly how many more will be employed.How can you guarrantee the staff will be employed and are suitably qualified.Who in Government is responsible for ensuring the funds are correctly and wisely used.
      A photo off all the new staff in the local paper would be appropiate.