State Coalition To Restore Law and Order In Waverley

November 1st, 2010 posted by

The State Coalition’s strong commitment to improving public safety and security in Waverley was highlighted again today, with State Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu’s visit to the Mt Waverley Police Station.

During his visit Mr Baillieu announced a State Coalition Government will work with Victoria Police to upgrade Mt Waverley Police Station from less than 12-hour to 24-hour operation.  To reopen and restore Mt Waverley Police Station to 24-hour operation, additional police officers will be deployed to the station, providing residents with a police service around the clock, seven days a week.

The reopening and restoration of Mt Waverley Police Station to 24-hour operation, will also take the pressure off police working out of Glen Waverley Police Station, who currently struggle to meet rostered shifts because of John Brumby’s failure to provide adequate resources.

Whilst the Brumby Government has continued to cut police numbers in Waverley, official Victoria Police crime statistics show violent crime in Waverley has soared.

Mount Waverley 3149 and
Glen Waverley 3150
2004-05 2008-09 % Change
Total Violent Crime 267 306 14.6%
Robbery 30 43 43.3%
Assault 154 189 22.7%
Theft From Motor Vehicle 556 629 13.1%
Shopsteal 195 240 23.1%
Total Crime 3,564 4,260 19.5%

Today’s announcement shows the depth and strength of the State Coalition’s commitment to deliver strong and visible police services to Waverley residents by reversing the Brumby Government’s cuts to local police services.

As a Waverley resident myself and the State Liberal Candidate for Mount Waverley Electorate, I know our local community desperately needs its police services restored to improve public safety and security. Only a State Coalition Government will meet this need by increasing police numbers across Victoria by 1,700 and deploying additional officers to Mt Waverley.

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