Road works on Stephensons Road to improve safety

April 18th, 2013 posted by

A potentially dangerous and confusing pedestrian crossing on Stephensons Road and Virginia Street will be removed by VicRoads during April in an effort to make the area safer for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.

The crossing on the south side of Virginia Street on Stephensons Road will be removed to reduce the number of pedestrian crashes at the intersection, which have been caused by a conflict point between vehicles turning right out of Virginia Street and pedestrians crossing Stephensons Road.

The other two pedestrian crossings at the intersection will continue to operate to allow pedestrians to cross both Stephensons Road and Virginia Street safely.

The works will also include the installation of pedestrian fencing across the median as well as features to improve access for vision impaired pedestrians.

During the construction work, lane closures and speed restrictions will be in place to allow the work to be completed safely.
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