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With more drivers on our roads, road safety is a paramount issue.

Two weeks ago the Victorian Coalition Government launched the Road Safety Survey, to allow the Victorian community to have a direct say in the future of the State’s next 10-year strategy for road safety.

The survey has been published across Victoria in regional, rural, suburban and metropolitan newspapers, as well as being available online.

The response from Victorians thus far has been very enthusiastic, with over 8,000 people completing the survey online in the first week alone.

The survey asks people for their views on road safety, with the information gathered showing just how important road safety is to the community.

Some preliminary results show that:

  • There is significant support for more action on drug driving and heavy vehicles;
  • There is interest in improving visibility of road signs and making road features less complicated; and
  • There is support for increased action on drink driving, but not for a reduced alcohol limit.

Once the survey is closed, the new Ministerial Council of Road Safety will consider feedback from the survey as part of the development of Government’s new 10-year Road Safety Strategy.

The final strategy will be released early next year, with input from key departments and agencies including the TAC, VicRoads and Victoria Police.

The survey is still open for another two weeks – it doesn’t close until October 3 – so there is still plenty of time for people to get involved.

You can access it at:

Alternatively a hard copy can be obtained by phoning the Department of Justice on (03) 8684 0000.

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