PSO Jordanville station deployment

June 12th, 2014 posted by
Passengers, as well as those waiting at railway stations to collect family and friends, are experiencing improved safety and security with the deployment of Victoria Police Protective Services Officers (PSO’s) to Waverley railway stations.
As part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s plan to improve public safety on public transport, every metropolitan railway station will be remanned from 6pm until the last train every day of the year, through the recruitment, training and deployment of 940 Victoria Police PSO’s.
During these times, the PSO teams patrol railway stations, assist passengers with enquiries and offer them an escort to their vehicles parked at railway stations. The PSO teams operate in addition to other staffing levels put in place by train operator Metro, such as staffing at host and premium stations.
Victoria Police PSO’s were recently deployed to Jordanville station to patrol the station from 6pm until the last train, every night of the year. As a result of this deployment, for the first time in nearly 20 years, Jordanville station will have a manned presence to provide safety and security to local residents. I look forward to further PSO deployments by Victoria Police in Waverley over the next six months.
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