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Michael with local residents & the Hon Ted Baillieu, Premier of Victoria at Chinese New Year celebrations in Waverley

As your local representative for Waverley Michael is working hard to achieve the following outcomes:

Public Safety

  1. Making our streets safe again through a strong and visible local police presence with the training and deployment of 1,600 new front line police officers between 28th November 2010 to 28th November 2014.
  2. Undertake a $27.8 million upgrade of the Glen Waverley Police Academy providing capacity for a real long term increase in training and development of operational police. To ensure the Academy can continue to function during this upgrade, the project is being undertaken in two stages as follows:

    • Stage one will cost $10 million and include:
      • provision of ten modular classrooms and office accommodation for training;
      • installation of an additional ten bay firing range for training purposes;
      • conversion of space for tactical and combat training equipment and;
      • the upgrading of frontline training equipment.
    • Stage two will cost $17.8 million and include:
      • $14.9 million for capital work upgrades;
      • 2.4 million to meet increased operating costs and;
      • 500,000 to fund the Police Academy Master Plan.
  3. Reverse the Brumby Government’s cuts to the Victoria Police Transit Division through the deployment of 100 additional officers to that Division to tackle soaring crime rates.
  4. Reintroduce street by street crime statistics to the Neighbourhood Watch program in Monash, abolished by the Brumby Government.
  5. Increase public confidence in the judicial system ensuring sentencing is reflective of community attitudes.
  6. Restore justice to sentencing by abolishing suspended sentences for serious crimes.
  7. Upgrade Mt Waverley Police Station from less than 12-hour to 24-hour operation.  To reopen and restore Mt Waverley Police Station to 24-hour operation, additional police officers will be deployed to the station, providing residents with a police service around the clock, seven days a week.


  1. Complete the Monash Freeway upgrade project and eliminate further unscheduled lane and freeway closures, minimising unacceptable traffic disruption to motorists.
  2. Reclaim safety and security on public transport for Waverley commuters through the recruitment and training of 940 Victoria Police Protective Services Officers to man every metropolitan railway station from 6pm to the last train, seven days a week, every day of the year.
  3. Fix the $1.35 billion taxpayer funded Myki public transport ticketing system without additional costs to taxpayers, allowing Waverley commuters to once again use a single ticket on trains, trams and buses.
  4. Increase car parking facilities at Glen Waverley, Syndal, Mount Waverley & Jordanville railway stations
  5. Introduce a genuine SmartBus program which provides regular services, 7 days a week with priority bus traffic signals at more than just a handful of traffic lights suggested by the Brumby Government.
  6. As part of the High Street Road upgrade, a right turn arrow will be installed at the corner of High Street Road and Stephensons Road providing west bound High Street Road traffic with a sequenced green arrow to turn right into Stephensons Road.


  1. Provide Mt Waverley North Primary School with a $1,000,000 grant to upgrade existing buildings providing improved teaching rooms, sick bay, toilets, an assembly hall and meeting space.
  2. Upgrade Pinewood Primary School through a $4,500,000 redevelopment including new classrooms, toilets, first aid facilities, student withdrawal teaching facilities, storeroom, staff room and school entrance reception.
  3. Ensure the Essex Heights Primary School redevelopment can progress by providing nearly $7 million to meet Labor’s project shortfall, in the Liberal Nationals Coalition’s first budget.
  4. Support non-government schools to meet rising education costs by increasing state funding to non-government schools to 25% of the average cost of educating students in Victorian Government schools.
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