New bridge to link shared paths along Gardiners Creek trail

July 18th, 2013 posted by

A $2.3 million bridge project to link the shared use paths along the Gardiners Creek Trail has been given the go ahead.

Gardiners Creek Trail was one of Melbourne’s busiest bike paths with nearly 2,400 cyclists using it daily and more than 400 cyclists each hour during peak times. Many Waverley residents utilize the trail through its direct connection with the Scotchmans Creek Trail.

Riders currently have to leave the path at times and mix with pedestrians to wait at pedestrian lights. The new bridge across Gardiners Creek aims to reduce conflict between cyclists and pedestrians and provide a more direct route for shared path users.

The project, jointly funded by VicRoads and the neighbouring cities of Booroondara and Stonnington, will dramatically improve safety for Waverley residents regularly using the trail.

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    • Jim Cone commented July 19, 2013

      Good move – however, speaking as a walker, can cyclists get into the habit of ringing their bell when riding behind a walking group? Don’t overlook walking groups, there are many of us and we utilise the Scotchman’s Creek track regularly.