Making better use of rainwater

January 17th, 2013 posted by

One of the best parts about living in Waverley is the quality of our local sporting fields, parks, reserves and the care that so many people take in maintaining their gardens. Following a fairly dry summer, it is even more important to consider how stormwater can be used more effectively.

Melbourne Water have been working on this very issue, and with funding support from the Commonwealth Government and the City of Monash, recently launched a new project, which will capture the rainwater run-off from the covered roof at the Melbourne Water Reservoir in Mt Waverley. The harvested water will be used to irrigate the Mt Waverley reserve at St Albans and Charles Streets and sporting fields as well as maintain trees and nature strips around Monash.

It was a pleasure to attend the launch of the project recently and view the finished construction, including the five new water tanks at Mt Waverley Reserve. Overall, it is expected that the project will produce an estimated 13.4 mega litres of water per year.

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