Monash residents safely dispose of chemicals

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Our environment is precious, so we must do all we can to ensure it can be sustained for future generations to experience.

Recently Monash residents were encouraged to take part in the Detox Your Home program, an initiative from the Victorian Coalition Government that enabled residents to safely dispose of old cleaning products, left-over paint, dead batteries and weedkiller stored around their home. Provided in partnership with Monash Council, Detox Your Home was a free service to collect potentially dangerous and unwanted household chemicals.

The response from Monash Residents was fantastic, with over 1,000 residents taking part to improve the local environment by diverting almost 40,000kg of potentially harmful waste from landfill under the chemical collection program.

At the collection day held on 23 June 2012, 1,086 residents safely disposed of 39,650kg of chemicals, including:

  • 22,300kg of paint,
  • 2,758.5kg of used batteries,
  • 1,854kg of gas cylinders, and
  • 12,737.5kg of other chemicals

As a conservationist, I always look for opportunities to reduce waste going to landfill whilst increasing recycling. The Detox Your Home program is one such way Monash residents have contributed to the protection of the environment.

Detox Your Home is funded by the Victorian Government through reinvestment of the landfill levy and administered in partnership with local councils across Victoria.

After collection the materials are sorted immediately, according to their chemical properties, and then treated.

For example:

  • Some collected chemicals, such as paint, solvents and fuels, can be used for energy recovery,
  • Materials that make up fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent tubes are recycled,
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable household batteries are recycled,
  • Metal from chemical containers is recycled, and
  • Other hazardous materials that cannot be recycled are treated to render them non-hazardous – once treated these materials can be disposed of safely.

For more information about the Detox Your Home program or how to safely dispose of chemical waste, residents can call 1800 35 32 33 (toll free) or visit

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