Monash Journal: Battle for Mt Waverley: Michael Gidley

May 24th, 2010 posted by


Knife-edge seat:

Mr Gidley said he didn’t see winning Mt Waverley as a case of getting 238 more votes, rather as “having to start from scratch”.


Mr Gidley said the government had a poor record of supporting schools outside the mainstream, such as Berengarra and Insight Education.

“The concern I have is that where there are exceptional circumstances, the government runs for cover. It is disgraceful that Berengarra was forced to seek help through the Catholic education system.

“Maxine talks about putting money into education but five schools in Monash have been closed or merged since 2003.”

Mr Gidley could not make specific education promises but said he would be a more active advocate for local schools.

“The first thing a local member should do is listen and advocate on behalf of residents – not pass the buck.”

Law reform:

In 2005, then-premier Steve Bracks said there was “no case” for current abortion laws to change, and that his government would not support any change.

Mr Gidley accused the Labor state government of not being honest about its intentions for abortion law reform.

He said he would not have supported the abortion law reform of 2008 and did not see a problem with the laws that preceded the change.

He was concerned the law reform took away doctors’ right to refuse to refer a woman seeking an abortion. “How can you say you respect people’s rights and religions but force them to provide a referral?”

Public transport:

In 1999, the ALP promised a feasibility study for a railway line to Rowville. It did not promise when the feasibility study would take place and in February this year, Mr Brumby said it was not on the agenda in the short term. The Liberal Party has promised a feasibility study within 100 days.

Mr Gidley blamed the government’s lack of maintenance for Glen Waverley’s status as the “worst-performing train line” during the past summer.

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