Local government in spotlight as Minister visits Waverley

August 29th, 2013 posted by
075Michael Gidley MP7115

Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powel with Michael, Council officers
and members of the Monash Pride Crew.

Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell recently visited Waverley to discuss matters of importance to Monash ratepayers and examine different ways for Monash City Council and the State Government to best serve our local community.

Following a meeting with members of the Monash Ratepayers Inc (MRI) during which the Minister listened and discussed a range of matters important to local ratepayers, the Minister visited the facilities at the Glen Waverley Library and saw the Monash Pride Crew in action.

The Monash Pride Crew is a unit based full time at the Oakleigh, Clayton and Glen Waverley shopping precincts and ensures the area is free from litter, checks for broken seats and street lights and wipes down the area’s bins.

Meeting with the Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer of Monash City Council and the Minister provided an excellent opportunity to further pursue opportunities for the State Government and the Council to effectively work together in delivering better services for residents in Waverley and Monash.

007Michael Gidley MP6997

Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powel with Michael and members of
Monash Ratepayers Inc.


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