Keeping P drivers safe on our roads

October 31st, 2012 posted by

The $10 million P Drivers Project, one of the world’s largest and most detailed young driver initiatives, celebrated its one year anniversary recently.

Every year there are too many P plate drivers that die from preventable deaths on our roads, so it’s important that we do everything we can to keep our most vulnerable drivers safe.

The P Drivers Project aims to recruit 28,000 newly licensed drivers aged between 17-22 in Victoria and New South Wales. Over 13,000 have registered in the last year, almost getting over the half-way mark.

The program educates participants on common behaviours of young drivers that lead to serious injury or fatal crashes, including following distance, speed management, gap selection, hazard recognition and response.

The P Drivers Project will gather information to help reduce the number of crashes and fatalities involving young, inexperienced drivers.

While the research trial is fully funded by project partners, incentives have been donated by Caltex, CityLink, Real Gap Travel, Student Flights, Strike Entertainment, Vplates, MyPlates and 7 Eleven. Sponsored rewards have recently included an overseas trip and $500 fuel voucher. A Toyota Yaris will also be awarded to a participant at the end of the program.

In Victoria, the project is being conducted in the greater Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and surrounding areas.

The $10 million program has been jointly funded by the Australian Government, Victorian and New South Wales State Governments, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, RACV and NRMA insurance.

Information about the program and young driver safety is available online at

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