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March 20th, 2013 posted by

As anyone who lives in Waverley is aware, some of our local roads such as Blackburn Road not only take local traffic, but also commercial traffic and motorists from surrounding suburbs on their way to and from the city. As a result, these roads need continued maintenance to ensure they are safe for motorists, bus patrons, cyclists and pedestrians.

As part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s recent $12.7 million road funding maintanence boost, a number of roads in Waverley will undergo resurfacing projects. These projects largely involve replacing some of the existing surfaces on local roads and asphalt patching to repair wear and tear.

The specific projects in Waverley include:

  • Removing and replacing the existing surface on part of Blackburn Road (59 metres north of High Street Road to 74 metres North of Kendall Street)
  • Asphalt patching on Huntingdale Road (30m south of Salisbury Road to 450 metres north of Salisbury Road)
  • Asphalt patching on Waverley Road (East of Huntingdale Road to Donald Street)
  • Removing and replacing the existing surface on two places on the Monash Freeway (156 metres west of Ferntree Gully Road to 120 metres west of Ferntree Gully Road, and 80 metres west of the Huntingdale Road off-ramp to the Huntingdale Road overpass)
  • Asphalt patching on the Monash Freeway east of Huntingdale Road to Donald Street.

If you are concerned about any other roads in Waverley, and have specific practical suggestions for improvement, please email me at

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