Funds allocated to improve Monash Freeway performance

June 26th, 2013 posted by

$78.5 million has been allocated by the Victorian Coalition and Commonwealth Governments to improve capacity, operating speeds and travel times on the Monash Freeway.

Announced as part of the 2013/2014 Victorian State Budget and 2013/2014 Commonwealth Budget, the funds will be invested in the extension of the Managed Motorways program along the Monash Freeway between High Street and Clyde Road.

By installing variable speed limits and message signs, combined with lane control signs, VicRoads is able to improve the operation of the Monash Freeway. These improvements will ensure motorists are better informed about travel conditions and allow authorities to respond to accidents more quickly.

The expansion of the Managed Motorways program along the Monash Freeway will help peak-hour traffic flow at up to 75 km/h, an improvement of between 14 km/h and 21 km/h on current speeds. These improvements will also deliver a smoother, more consistent drive, thereby reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

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    • Aliou commented August 27, 2013

      While most of the new trail is quite an excellent sdtraand, the trail continues to be plagued by problems:The issues are:1) While the Melbourne Girl’s College detour is due to construction on private land, it has gone on for long enough. It is here that competing with car drivers who are inconsiderate is a big problem. Have seen nothing on Bicycle Victoria’s website regarding this lately.2) Contractors who think it is OK to place men at work signs in the middle of the trail followed by parking their vehicle over the pavement of the trail. This is a regular occurrance and I would love to see them ticketed for parking on a path/trail.3) Using the Yarra Boulevarde road beside the bike track due to the blockages, leads to being passed closely by motorists at speed very dangerously, also suddenly stopping in the middle of the road with no indication, and being of course being told to get off the road and onto the bike track by motorists.Motorists want cyclists to be out of their way, but the only dedicated bike/shared trail in the area is continuously blocked.

    • Ken Ryan commented July 3, 2013

      Hi Michael,

      Many thanks for the update.

      Good to see the Priemier, Dennis doing well with the communication with the Victorian electorate.

      Kind regards,

      Ken Ryan