Four Years On, Tens of Millions of Dollars Later…

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…Waverley’s SmartBus Services Still Malfunctioning.

Waverley commuters could be forgiven for thinking public transport services had reached rock bottom with our train system again failing to meet minimum targets in August for the ninth month in a row whilst enduring a myki ticketing system that still doesn’t work.

However it is now clear public transport services in Waverley have further deteriorated with the Brumby Government’s SmartBus program again breaking down in Waverley.
For over four years now I’ve highlighted the continuing floors in the SmartBus program which operates in Waverley on routes 902 (Springvale Road) and 703 (Blackburn Road);

  • Waverley Leader7/3/2006 Page 1
  • Waverley Leader 9/5/2006
  • HeraldSun 23/3/2006 Page 2
  • Letters to Public Transport Users 2007 – 2009

Unfortunately for taxpayers and commuters, four years on, tens of millions of dollars later, the problems remain.

As late as yesterday, the Victorian Government’s own website continued to state, “SmartBuses have the ability to communicate with their depot during a journey, which allows them to provide real-time travel information to passengers at selected high-use bus stops. Bus-train interchanges also have real-time information on SmartBus and train arrival times, making journey transitions smoother.”

This may be the case in Brumby/Morand land, but not in Waverley.
For months now, Waverley commuters have put up with malfunctioning electronic bus stop signs providing either no, or inaccurate bus service information. The problems are so bad that the Brumby Government has now turned off the train arrival time feature on the bus stops at Glen Waverley and Syndal railway stations, a key feature of the so called SmartBus service. Consequently bus passengers arriving at these stations on SmartBus routes 902 and 703 have no train arrival information.

This is just another Brumby Government public transport promise that doesn’t work, is years over schedule, has cost taxpayers millions of dollars and once again, leaves Waverley commuters in the lurch.

It’s alarming that the Victorian Government’s website still states the SmartBus displays are working, even though they have been out of action for months.

From the website it’s clear local State MP for Mt Waverley Maxine Morand, never uses public transport services or informs the Department of Transport that the displays have been out of action for months.

To make matters worse, taxpayers and commuters had already paid for the original malfunctioning SmartBus electronic stops and IT systems to be installed and ripped out when they failed in Waverley in 2006 (Waverley Leader 7/3/2006).

After taking truck loads of electronic bus stops to the tip and replacing the entire failed IT system in 2006, the system should have been running like clockwork rather than subjecting Waverley commuters to more transport faults.

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