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July 7th, 2010 posted by

A key role of any local State Member of Parliament (MP) is to meet with, listen to and build relationships with, local residents and businesses in their community. After all, if a State MP refuses to communicate with local residents and businesses in their electorate, how can they possibly understand or represent the interests of their local constituents?

That’s why I’m so concerned that our local Brumby Government MP for Mount Waverley, Maxine Morand has refused to communicate with local residents, businesses or media organisations including;

  • Refusing requests for a meeting with the Victorian Off-Course Agents Association (VOCAA) which represents small business owners in the Mount Waverley Electorate;
  • Refusing to answer key public policy questions such as crime sentencing and the Myki public transport ticketing system on the basis she was away from work when the question sheets were received by her office from the Herald Sun. A statement impossible to believe now it has come to light that Ms Morand issued at least two other media releases during the same time she was apparently away from work.

To be fair, I understand senior Brumby Government MP’s such as Maxine Morand may not want to talk about difficult issues such as the disastrous Myki public transport ticketing system or the future of small businesses in Waverley, leading up to the State Election on 27 November 2010.
However I believe Members of Parliament from all sides of politics can’t pick and choose which issues they are prepared to undertake genuine consultation – they must do so on all issues raised with them.

That’s why I’m seeking the privilege of representing the Mount Waverley Electorate on all issues, and remain committed to genuine consultation with local residents and businesses.

Michael Gidley

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