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November 20th, 2013 posted by


As a local resident and the State Member, improving public safety in our local community remains a high priority. That’s why I’m working as part of the Victorian Coalition Government to deliver a number of public safety initiatives in Waverley.

In recent years, the Victorian Government has invited local communities to apply for grant funding under the Community Safety Fund (CSF). Through this fund, successful applicants are able to implement effective locally based crime prevention projects.

The Victorian Minister for Crime Prevention Edward O’Donohue recently visited Waverley to announce more than $36,000 in funding for three local crime prevention programs from the Community Safety Fund. These programs include;

  • Undertaking graffiti removal and prevention
  • Creating crime prevention strategies for the Monash Milk Bar Network Exchange
  • Deterring and reducing theft and vandalism to the Mt Waverley North Primary School bike storage shed

These crime prevention strategies will improve public safety by reducing the opportunity for criminal behaviour whilst also providing a stronger deterrent to such behaviour. They build on other local crime prevention measures already announced including the remanning of railway stations in Waverley from 6pm and the saving of Mt Waverley Police Station from closure and sale.

The Victorian Government has again invited local councils to seek funding for public safety initiatives through the Public Safety Infrastructure Fund. The Fund provides councils with grants of up to $250,000 to help develop public safety and security infrastructure.

Councils have until 21 February 2014 to apply for the Public Safety Infrastructure Grants. For more information visit



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