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Safer and more efficient transport to keep Waverley connected

One of the many benefits of living in Waverley is our convenient access to major roads, a train line and bus linkages that connect us to essential services and amenities. However, to ensure these transport services remain accessible, safe and efficient for residents, significant and ongoing capital work and infrastructure is needed.

Glen Waverley train line improvements

The Glen Waverley train line is a vital piece of infrastructure that our community relies upon, so it’s incredibly important that ongoing maintenance is conducted to keep the line running smoothly.

As part of a commitment by the Victorian Coalition Government, extensive repairs and maintenance works were made to the track in July 2012. The project included the essential replacement of 45,000 sleepers and 250 meters of fencing, platform works and renewal of wiring and signals.

The works on the Glen Waverley train line are part of a broader $900 million commitment to ongoing maintenance of Melbourne’s train network. This ongoing commitment to upgrading existing transport infrastructure aims to avoid the mass failures experienced on the system in 2009 due to heat, which left thousands of commuters stranded.

Greater frequency of Glen Waverley line services

In addition to upgraded rail infrastructure, more services have been introduced on the Glen Waverley line to improve service frequency and reduce passenger waiting time.

I have worked closely with Glen Waverley line operator Metro, and the Victorian Coalition Government to provide more frequent and reliable services on the Glen Waverley line to assist residents travel to and from work, school and recreational activities more quickly and easily.

Train station parking and security

As many commuters will know first-hand, finding car parking at our local train stations can be difficult. To alleviate some of the parking challenges, the Victorian Coalition Government has made a commitment to increase the number car parks at Glen Waverley, Syndal, Mount Waverley and Jordanville stations.

The Victorian Coalition Government has also recognised the fact that commuters have expressed concerns about catching trains in the evening. Taking these safety issues as a matter of priority, the government has committed to recruiting, training and deploying Victoria Police Protective Service Officers to man every metropolitan railway station, seven days a week, every day of the year; and will add a further 100 transit police to provide an ongoing visible police presence on our transport links.

Improved bus services

In addition to the Glen Waverley train line, many local residents depend on bus services to get to school, work or recreation activities.

Our local bus network has already experienced improvements with the addition of the 601 bus service between Monash University and Huntingdale Station. Following a trial service in 2011, the service was made permanent in 2012 and will assist students, teachers and staff working at the University as well as residents visiting the University for plays, concerts or sporting activities.

Road safety and accessibility

In terms of our local road network, one of my key priorities was installing a right-turn arrow at the corner of High Street Road and Stephensons Road in Mt Waverley. This recently-completed project provides west-bound High Street Road traffic with a sequenced green arrow to turn right into Stephensons Road, making it safer and easier for the thousands of local drivers who use this intersection daily.

The Monash Freeway is a key road that many of us rely upon to get into the city. Ongoing works to the road since 2007 left many users frustrated, however, these have now been completed with extra traffic lanes, variable speed limit signs, installation of overhead traffic lane signals and electronic driver information signs at key locations. These improvements have greatly improved the safety and traffic management of this main road for residents and visitors of Waverley.

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