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Enhancing education infrastructure in Waverley primary schools and secondary colleges

Ongoing investment in quality infrastructure is vital in providing our children with modern learning environments throughout Monash.

To achieve this, I am working closely with local schools to assist them in gaining the infrastructure they want and need through a series of funding allocations from the Victorian Coalition Government.

Key projects to improve schools in Waverley

One of the key recent projects delivered was the Mt Waverley Secondary College Junior Campus rebuild, which cost $10.5 million. Since opening in March 2012, this project has produced new modern and flexible learning facilities for all students at the Junior Campus. The opening of the Junior Campus marks the completion of stage one of the College’s redevelopment master plan.

Essex Heights Primary School is another example of valuable investment being made in Waverley’s primary schools. The Victorian Coalition Government has provided almost $7 million to completely rebuild Essex Heights Primary School and deliver modern and flexible learning environments for children.

Over the next two years, the Victorian Coalition Government will also build a completely new school at Pinewood Primary and continue the refurbishment of Mt Waverley North Primary School. Once completed, I am pleased that these two projects will provide Waverley primary school students with greater access to first-class school infrastructure.

The Victorian Government has also recognised the increasing costs faced by non-government schools. In order to ensure parents continue to have education choice, the Victorian Coalition Government has increased funding to non-government schools by approximately 3%, equating to 25% of the average cost of educating students in Victorian Government schools.

Quality higher education is also a priority

In addition to Waverley’s primary and secondary schools, a number of leading TAFE institutions such as Holmesglen and world-class universities like Monash University are easily accessible to Waverley students wishing to pursue vocational training and tertiary education. One of my key priorities is to work closely with local TAFE and university institutions to see how we can further improve education outcomes for undergraduate and post graduate students.

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