A safer way to dispose trade paint waste

April 17th, 2013 posted by

Paints used for commercial and private use may contain harmful heavy metals such as lead, zinc and chromium. If disposed of incorrectly, they are potentially hazardous for individuals and damaging to our environment – particularly our waterways.

While the Victorian Government already contributes to the safe disposal of household paint products through the Detox Your Home program, trade painters have been without a cost-effective, readily accessible option for waste paint.

To assist trade painters to safely dispose of waste, a three-month disposal trial is underway at the Monash Waste Transfer and Recycling Station in Notting Hill.

The trial will collect data to assess the level of trade waste paint and inform the development of a national recycling program for waste paint in cooperation with the industry.

The trial is a partnership between Victorian Government, the Australian Paint Manufacturing Federation, Master Painters Australia and the Monash City Council.

It’s pleasing to see government, industry and the community working together to be find solutions to waste management that are economically responsible and ensure the health of our natural environment.

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