24-hour police station in Mt Waverley closer with funding announcement

April 11th, 2013 posted by

Our community campaign to retain and upgrade the Mt Waverley Police Station received a major boost this week with Premier Denis Napthine, the Assistant Treasurer, the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and I visiting the station to announce $1.5 million will be allocated in the 2013/14 State Budget to provide for 24-hour a day operation.

This State Budget allocation will fund renovations to improve the current facilities and space for officers at the Mt Waverley Police Station, which will enable the station to operate 24-hours a day. The station is currently open 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Greater operational hours and improved facilities will enable a more visible police presence in Waverley, improve incident response times and greater service for local residents.

The upgrading of the Mt Waverley Police Station is part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s campaign to improve public safety, underpinned by a commitment to upgrade police infrastructure and deliver an additional 1,700 police to Victorian streets between 28th November 2010 and 28th November 2014. 1,200 of these police have already been recruited, trained and deployed onto our streets.

This week’s announcement on the Mt Waverley Police Station marks a major milestone in our community’s campaign to save and upgrade our local station.

Prior to the 2010 state election the Mt Waverley Police station was mothballed and earmarked for closure. As a result of our community’s campaign the Victorian Coalition Government and Victoria Police ensured the station was once again accessible to the community with a view to providing 24 hour operations once infrastructure funding and staffing resources were available. I thank all those involved in the campaign to save and upgrade our local police station including local traders, public safety organizations and local residents.

I’ll continue to work with you and for you, to ensure our local station upgrade is completed and accessible to our community.

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Your comments

    • Elizabeth Campbell commented April 18, 2013

      Congratulations Michael. My husband and I appreciate this effort in securing a 24 police presence on Mount Waverley. We love living in this area and to know that it will now be protected by an extended police presence is comforting and encouraging. I also believe that this demonstrates to the members of the police force that the work they do is highly valued by the community of Mount Waverley.

    • Peter Lewis commented April 11, 2013

      Need to make it happen ie the 24 hour Mt Waverley Police Station

    • John V Ovens commented April 11, 2013

      Fantastic news. It is good to see that an election promise is being honoured.